January 19-28, 2024 / Washington DC, Convention Center


Washington, D.C. Auto Show Promises Unparalleled Ride and Drive Experiences

The automotive world is set to converge on the nation’s capital January 19 through 28 for the highly anticipated Washington, D.C. Auto Show. Always looking to be a step ahead, attendees can expect to experience groundbreaking activations that go beyond the traditional showroom spectacle. This year’s event will feature cutting-edge Ride n’ Drive experiences, including the debut of the Nissan EV Track Experience, the return of the Hyundai Indoor Test Track, and an Outdoor Ride n’ Drive presented by Pepco EVsmart.

Nissan, a trailblazer in electric vehicle technology, is set to redefine the driving experience with the introduction of the Nissan EV Track Experience at the 2024 show. This innovative offering goes beyond a mere test drive, immersing participants in the dynamic capabilities of Nissan’s latest electric models. This specially designed track, surrounding their full static display in the Performance Hall, promises a thrilling journey that will allow riders to explore the power, handling, and efficiency of Nissan’s emission-free models.

Hyundai, known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability, is set to captivate attendees for their Hyundai Indoor Test Track. Returning in high-demand, this immersive experience is designed to simulate real-world driving conditions, allowing drivers to navigate through a course that highlights Hyundai’s advanced technology and superior performance. The indoor track serves as a testament to Hyundai’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of modern driving.

For those who prefer the open road, the Outdoor Ride n’ Drive presented by Pepco EVsmart offers a unique exploration of electric vehicles in a real-world setting. Pepco, a leader in energy innovation, has partnered with various manufacturers to offer attendees the chance to test drive a range of electric vehicles, including models from Ford and Kia. This outdoor adventure allows participants to experience firsthand the seamless integration of electric power into their everyday driving.

The Washington, D.C. Auto Show has long been a platform for automakers to unveil their latest models and innovations, and this year’s Ride n’ Drive experiences are a testament to the automotive industry embracing a sustainable and electrifying future. By offering attendees the chance to not only see but also experience the capabilities of electric vehicles, the show aims to drive enthusiasm for the next generation of automotive technology.

Get ready to rev up your expectations and drive into a new era of automotive excellence at the Washington DC Auto Show. Tickets for the 2024 Washington, D.C. Auto Show are now on sale.


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