January 20-29, 2023 / Washington DC, Convention Center

The all-new Washington, D.C. Auto Show experience has arrived.

Whether it’s shopping for your new vehicle, expanding your knowledge on the future of mobility, taking free test drives or exploring a variety of custom rides and exotics, the 2023 show has something for everyone.

On the Go Hall

Our lives are busy, and we get that! Whether you are driving to practices, traveling with your best friend, commuting for work or exploring the great outdoors. The majority of our days are spent in the car. No matter your vehicle needs or preferences, our On The Go Hall has everything you need to compare and prepare for time spent behind the wheel!

Performance Hall

The need for speed doesn’t always come at a cost. The Performance Hall features great performance cars that are entertaining to drive, suitable for everyday use, and can match any budget.

EV Pavilion

Catering to the growing electric mobility market and its high-hitting demand, the EV pavilion sponsored by Electrify America is designed to educate show visitors on what the future of mobility looks like while allowing them to browse electric models.

Get Outdoors

Mobility comes in all shapes and sizes at the all-new Get Outdoors exhibit space. Catering to those who enjoy a more active lifestyle and those affluent consumers looking for more than just a new vehicle, this engaging exhibit will feature water sports, motorcycles, bikes, jet skis, and so much more.

Exotic Cars

Step inside an elevated show experience highlighting the exotics and other luxury models. This sophisticated row exudes an elevated atmosphere befitting of the show stopping models it exhibits.

Classic Car Club

Our Classic Car Club exhibit space will pay tribute to the vintage automobiles that began this car enthusiast tradition as rows of antiques line the show floor. Preserved classics flaunting steel bodies and chrome finishes is sure to attractive a crowd of admirers.

Commercial Truck Zone

Engaging the commercial vehicle community is our Commercial Truck Zone featuring medium-duty and heavy-duty fleets and equipment. These vehicles are top of mind for serious work like plowing and contractor duty.

Join us at the 2023 Auto Show