An Electrifying Experience!

The DC eDrives Experience at the Washington, D.C. Auto Show allows you to take an electrifying leap forward to embracing the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution.

Extensive Displays: Electric vehicles will be sprinkled across both show floors, offering attendees a close and immersive encounter.

Ride n’ Drives: Whether you’re inside or outside, attendees will enjoy an interactive opportunity with multiple brands that offer invaluable firsthand insights into the performance and features of EVs.

Learning Experiences: Knowledgeable product specialists will be available to instruct, guide, and answer questions for novice EV enthusiasts.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Walk the show floor as you witness the most recent developments in electric vehicle (EV) technology, including features like autonomous driving, cutting-edge battery innovations, and the use of sustainable materials in EV production.