January 19-28, 2024 / Washington DC, Convention Center

Strictly Ebikes

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Get ready to revolutionize your ride at the 2024 Washington DC Auto Show with Strictly Ebikes! They’re bringing the future of two-wheeled transport to the forefront, showcasing a diverse selection of 12 ebikes from top-selling brands that cater to riders of all kinds. And the best part, you can test them all!

Explore the functionality and versatility of utility/cargo bikes with the likes of the Specialized Globe Haul ST & LT, Velotric Packer, and Velotric Go. Experience the epitome of comfort cruising with the Aventon Pace 500, while the Big Sur fat tire bike brings a thrilling combination of power and affordability with its fully UL certified design and premium components. For those seeking convenience, the Aventon Sinch folding bike offers portability without compromising performance. And don’t miss the Tenways, a stealthy ebike that seamlessly blends into the crowd while delivering an electrifying ride. Join us at the Strictly Ebikes exhibit and test track – where innovation meets the open road!


Featured Brands

    Vehicles on display

    • Aventon Abound

    • Adventon Pace

    • Aventon Sinch 2

    • Big Sur Fat Tire

    • GoCycle G4

    • Kinetic Challenger

    • Lovelec Norma

    • Magnum Pathfinder

    • RadCity 5

    • RadRunner 3 Plus

    • Specialized Globe Haul ST

    • Velotric T1 ST

      Find Us

      Strictly Ebikes test track and display is located in the On The Go Hall on the Lower Level (within Hall B).

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