January 19-28, 2024 / Washington DC, Convention Center

VonMercier : Arosa Electric Sports Hovercraft

Vehicle Overview

VonMercier’s debut vehicle is the Arosa electric sports hovercraft. The Arosa is an amphibious vehicle that can travel over land, water and a variety of terrain in between. It does this by traveling on a cushion of air and essentially flying right above the surface. Three independent electric motors power a quiet lift fan and two side-thrust fans.

The Arosa is the most maneuverable personal hovercraft in the world. Innovative HoverDrive© technology makes it possible to maneuver in the forward, lateral and reverse directions, so you can stop and go with ease. Intuitive pilot inputs make flying the Arosa easy to learn and enjoy.

The hull and body of the Arosa are molded carbon fiber which make it lightweight and strong. The open air cabin includes tandem sport seating for two passengers or a rear bench seat to fit two+. Swim decks around the lower perimeter rest at water level when the power is off and Arosa is floating so passengers can enjoy a swim and easily climb back aboard.

Plug the Arosa into any standard EV charger to power up for all-electric exploring over land or water!


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