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A ton lighter: new Polestar 2 sustainability upgrades

Polestar has remained committed to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious production when creating their new and fully-electric fleet. The reimagined Polestar 2 is no different. See how Polestar has taken extra measures to improve their models.

We’re on a learning journey, constantly searching for new ways to improve our cars. We’re also determined to accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility, which is why these upgrades have a greater purpose: to help us reach climate neutrality by 2040. This end goal is essential, and maintaining momentum while moving in that direction is equally important. 

Starting this month, the primary aluminum in the 19-inch rims, the most popular rim option for Polestar 2, will come from smelters using hydropower. Smelting aluminum is an energy-intensive process, which is why this change alone reduces the carbon footprint by as much as 488 kg (1070 lbs) CO2e per car. This is in addition to the 750-kg (1650-lb) CO2e reduction made earlier this year for the battery casing’s aluminum tray, which was also thanks to smelters running on renewable energy. 

Read more at Polestar.com.

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